What is your plan? How will you get there?

A Financial
Literacy Project


Reality U:

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How are you Getting There?

What is your plan?

Reality U serves as an important and relevant exercise that helps students understand the importance of wise decision-making about their financial future as well as how their current reality impacts their future. It sends a strong message to the students that staying in school is essential for their financial success.

Since the students occupations are aligned with their current grade point average, the students quickly realize how their future is impacted by their educational commitment. High schools are particularly interested in helping students realize this fact in order to increase attendance, improve academic achievement, and reduce the high number of student dropouts.

What Students are saying...

"My future in Reality U was not what I expected it to be . . . it is like a wakeup call."

"It showed us that if we want a better life than what we had in Reality U then we need to start preparing for it now."

"Reality U showed me that I have control over my future, it changed the course of my life."

"I think Reality U is very realistic, because they took our GPA and showed us how it would most likely be in the future if we keep following the path that we are on."
Communities In Schools believes that all children need and deserve five basic resources:
  • A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult.
  • A safe place to learn & grow.
  • A healthy start & a healthy future.
  • A marketable skill to use upon graduation.
  • An opportunity to give back to the community.
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